Racing Megaphone Set with Silencer for Porsche 911/914-6 (1965-89)

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Ever wonder where to get those killer racing megaphones?  Wonder no more.  Bursch is knocking out some amazing exhaust systems these days.

Get ready to improve horsepower and efficiency with the iconic Bursch Racing Megaphone Set with Silencer.

  • 17” megaphones with built-in silencer and 3” diameter cookie cutter tip. ---- These fit early 911’s and 914-6 models with heat exchangers, SSI’s, or the current stainless steel Bursch headers.
  • To be used for racing purposes only. Very loud but not as loud as straight open megaphones.
  • Choice of Heat-Resistant Black Satin or Satin Silver Powder Coating. 
  • These are hand-made in Pasadena, CA. Lifetime warranty! 

Length: 17 inch
Inlet: 2 inch
Tip Opening: 3 inch